WaterJet Cutting Services

Macroseal Waterjet Cutting Services

WaterJet Cutting Services at Macroseal Incorporated are not only World-class for creating Our Gaskets, but for Cutting virtually any material to create what you may need. Whether it be a Gasket or not, Our Waterjet Cutting Services are available to cut whatever our valuable customers may need! Another way that Macroseal stands above the competition. Macroseal possesses full cutting capabilities for ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting services, utilizing both abrasive and water cutting methods. We can cut anything from marble to rubber, stainless steel, high-density plastics to compressed fiber sheets. Waterjet Technology allows production to be increased and labor costs reduced, as parts are cut cleanly and rapidly.

Macroseal Waterjet Cutting Services

        • High-pressure cold waterjet cutting services
        • We can easily hold tolerances of .005″
        • Can cut nearly any type of material, soft or hard
        • Send us your DXF part, or have it drawn by our CAD department
        • Quick turnaround and efficient waterjet cutting services
        • 24 Hour Emergency services are available
        • Customized or specialty parts no problem

Waterjet Cutting Technology

Waterjet cutting technology is one of the most advanced machine tool processes in the world because of  its accuracy and ease of operation. Our WaterJet Cutting Services allow us to provide our customers with precision gaskets  and/or parts fast.   Macroseal’s Waterjet Cutting Services provide close tolerance solutions for a variety of applications. Whatever the shape, dimension, or material, up to 5″ thick within +/- 0.005″ clearance.

Not Looking for Waterjet Cutting Services to Make Gaskets?

Have no fear! Cutting Gaskets with our waterjet only accounts for about 70% of machine operation times. We also have a huge portfolio of other items we have cut such as Signs, Plates, Gears, Motorcycle and Car Logos, Stair Railings, etc……..If you can think of it, we can make it with our waterjet cutting services. Call us now to find out what we can cut for you!



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